Made in Italy – since 1970

The company TEXAPEL S.p.A. was founded in 1970 by B.S. Mr Ermanno Gatti who firstly took American Wildman-Mayer machines to Prato.
He invested in its own textile departments and developed fabric collection for clothing, furniture and footwear.

Another unique feature of our company is the continuous interest for research and new developments: that specific department weekly creates new qualities, sharing them, through digital means, with fashion designers all over the world.
The designers usually come back to us with their feedbacks and suggestions in order to customize or simply modify the quality based on their needs. The nature of the product itself allows to develop a customized prototype in the 48 hours following the client’s request and then to ship it out. Our stylistic and technical offices will be able to satisfy all your requests in terms of both design and qualities.

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Over the years the equipment has been continuously updated in quality and quantity until the current significant number of 40 circular machines. Starting from 2020 the equipment will be implemented by new electronics and control systems. The structure and the number of machines in the knitting department allows high production capacity in a short time.

Therefore, it is possible to fulfil the requests of great international companies which are constantly eager to offer new products in the short run. Through the years the production departments have expanded their innovative equipment with needle-punching machines, thus awarding the fabrics singular characteristics never achieved before.

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